Senior Prank Gone Wrong: Students Release 72,000 Ladybugs across School

A number of high school students are suspected of releasing thousands of ladybugs on the premises. What they intended to be a senior prank turned into multiple burglary charges. The high school in question is an hour away from the capital, in Maryland's St. Mary's County. 

The school was broken into on Wednesday afternoon by five students who forced a door open. Once they entered the premises, the students went on to release some 72,000 ladybugs across the school. Two other suspects have been identified, and they remained in the car waiting for the others. The ladybugs were ordered from the internet by one of the students.  

All of the suspects are males, four of which are juvenile and the remaining three are adults. The former have been charged with property destruction under USD 1,000, four-degree burglary and disruption of school activities. The latter were charged by criminal summons. 

Senior pranks have become an American tradition and they are a part of the growing up process of seniors. Pranks, however, need to be realistic and not cause too much damage to the school property or students and professors. It looks like this prank will have serious consequences because the authorities are going to have to destroy a large number of animals. Not to mention the school now going through a thorough cleaning process to make it sanitary again, which will disrupt classes. 

Photo attribution: Gilles San Martin


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