Harmless Pranks you can play with your Friends

In order to be funny a prank must be harmless. Any other way isn’t a good way. Luckily, there are many harmless pranks. Also, all of them can be done in a couple of minutes. The shorter the prank, the more laugh, you will have with your friends.

1.    If you have a harmonica and a duct tape, you can surprise your friend. Of course, he/she must have a car. All you need to do is to it to duct tape to the grill of a car. The next time you two are driving, you will hear an interesting sound. Tell your friend that something is wrong with a car. When you two get out, remove the harmonica. Just make sure your friend doesn’t see you while you remove it. Open the hood and look like you are fixing something. Start a car and move on. Tell him that you fixed his car.
2.    Buy several battery powered clocks. They cost less than a dollar. Set the alarms in 5 minute intervals and hide them in the room of your friend or a brother. The next step is to look your friend try to find them.
3.    Buy10 hats with the same style, but each one bigger than a previous. Replace them every hour. Of course, your friends shouldn’t see you. However, they will be confused.
4.    Duct tape an air horn to the right place on the wall, where a door can hit it. The next time your friend enter into the room, surprise. You can do this in every room in a house. Then, just listen to the beautiful sounds. 



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