Don’t Worry About Your Barber Cutting You

Soccer star Benni McCarthy was back in his homeland recently to do a television special. The special was held in South Africa, and it had to do with the European Championship Soccer League.

Before going on the show, Benni went to a local barber where he spent his youth days. As he entered, many people asked him for autographs. After this, he began to get his hair cut. Out of nowhere, a man put a gun to Benni’s head. He demanded Benni’s belongings. Benni handed over everything except his wedding ring.

The funny thing about the story is that Benni was just about finished with his haircut before this incident took place. Even though he was escorted out of the barbershop, he went looking fresh. He even manages to get off the barber-cape before leaving the facility. People in the area were shocked to hear this. One minute the soccer star is signing autographs and then has a gun put to his head.

The barber is now taking security precautions in the shop, especially when a celebrity wants to come by. The owner is even considering hiring private security because the crime rate is not so low in this area.

Rumors on the street are that Benni would like to find a new shop but keep the same barber. Of course, this is impossible, so, when Benni comes back into town, he must think of an alternative way to reach his barber. There are not many barbers in this region in the first place.

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