Activities That Will Have Everyone Laughing

When you feel like laughing watch funny videos or commercials and try acting like them. Try to imitate them and make others laugh.
When you feel like laughing go onto the road and ask people for help for funny things like for zipping up your dress which you yourself are unable to do but make the zip such that no matter how hard they try they are not able to zip it up.
When you are about to fly a plane and you want some funny things to happen to make you laugh, try talking to the captains of the other planes and talk in some weird language which they do not understand. Make them believe that you have got something really important to share.

When you are walking on the road try to look at something and tell others that it is a flying machine. Point your finger at the sky and show them a bird or something and tell them that it and unidentified flying object. Some of them will really believe you and their expressions will really make you laugh.
When you feel like laughing, go in some park and ask people for help. Act as if you are in some trouble but you are unable to speak anything. Speak to them without making any noise so and make them try to understand what you want to say. But your main aim should be to not let them understand what you are trying to say.

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