Season 5 – ‘Game Of Thrones,’ Appalling Changes From The Books

Reaching season 5, Hollywood sources say Game Of Thrones will be making some appalling changes from the books. These changes will be loves by some and hated by others. Nevertheless, these changes are meant to help the story move forward. 

It seems as if Ser Barristan is dead, but he is not dead. This is actually not a change from the book but a confirmation. Many people did not realize Ser Barristan as a point of view character and a supporting character within the books, so he does not die in the book or in the season. 

The same is true for Grey Worm. The way the book is set up it may appear that Grey Worm is dead, but he is not dead. He is alive and well. The great thing about season 5 is that Ser Barristan and Grey Worm will meet each other, and we will see who is more alive. 

An additional change is that Jaime does not reach Dorne.  It may appear like he does reach Dorne in print, but after a battle it is not even certain if he is alive. This makes the story all the more interesting and all the more mysterious. 

There are also many other changes in season 5. However, most of these changes are just the book done in a different way, so they really aren’t changes. Furthermore, the main points all stay the same throughout the season. Many new relationships will be built in season 5, and many relationships will be shattered, too. 


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