Rick Ducommun Dies Aged 62

Rick Ducommun, a famous American comedian and actor, has died aged 62, his family announced on Thursday. Rick's father Peter said that his brother passed away on June 12 in a hospital in Vancouver, British Columbia. The cause of his death was complications related to diabetes. 

Rick Ducommun was most famous for his role in The 'Burbs which soon became a must-see classic. He also appeared in Gremlins 2: The New Batch, Groundhog Day and Ghost in the Machine. His comedy career exploded in 1980s in addition to starring in some children's shows and films like No Small Affair. He lost 200 pounds and got a role of nosey neighbor Art Weingartner in The 'Burbs. Even though his acting in that project was praised, the film was not successful, so Ducommun turned to stand-up comedy. 

He appeared in movie like Little Monsters, Spaceballs, 'Die Hard, The Hunt for Red October, The Experts, The Last Boy Scout, Encino Man, Last Action Hero, and Scary Movie. Ducommun also regularly appeared on what later became known as Comedy Central, as well as starring in HBO’s comedy special called Rick Ducommun: Piece of Mind. 

His brother described him as funny, creative and talented. He also said that his brother was most prominent for his work on stand-up comedy and he was adored by anybody who had a chance of catching him live.  


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