Orson Welles’ last film may finally be completed

This genius had died almost thirty years ago, and even though he’s gone, some people are still trying to continue where he stopped.
His final film “ The other side of the wind “ may be finished in 2015, thanks to crowdfunding campaign.
Orson began filming this movie in 1970, and he continued to shoot it for six years. Due to constant script changes and problem with money, he simply couldn’t finish it.
Negatives were locked away, and he stopped working on it because of the legal battles over who owned the footage.
Even though it’s been almost thirty year, people didn’t seem to forget about it, so they hope to raise 2 million dollars on Indiegogo to finally finish the film.
This money will go toward taking hold of the original negatives, they also want to keep on editing the movie, restoring it, coloring, and scoring the footage.
When Orson died in 1985, he allegedly left some notes where he wrote on what the film is supposed to look like.
Unfortunately it will be impossible to replicate what he would have done with the movie, but they will try to do the best they can, and stay true to his vision.
This movie was supposed to be Orson’s comeback, where he wanted to show the story about a great director, modeled after Hemingway, who is trying to make a comeback with a new movie.
We are hoping that this movie will turn out to be as good as Orson wanted it to be.


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