Minimum Wage Hike: Creating uproar in Hollywood

It is very common misconception that the entertainment industry of Hollywood has one of the most highly paid jobs in the world. We often forget about the various other businesses that service up the entertainment industry that is quite ill paid. These include the caterers, nurseries, prop houses and many more. Recently, there was vote in the City Council of Los Angeles, which dictated that the minimum payment for any worker should be 15 USD per hour. This rule should be completely implemented and followed by the year 2020.

The rise in the cost would be an issue for the business executives who usually do business in the tinsel town. Many of the entrepreneurs in Hollywood are considering shoot in other location where the options are cheaper. This news has been welcomed greatly and enthusiastically by the daily wage earners. Rallies supporting and praising the law has been emerged in the city of Los Angeles. They have been encouraging the neighboring cities like Pasadena, West Hollywood, etc. to follow the footsteps of Los Angeles well.

Amidst the celebrations, these workers have overlooked the consequences. This rise in the cost in the entertainment industry would force the entrepreneurs and investors to look out for the cheaper options that are available elsewhere. This trend might be a blow to the job securities of these professionals. However, the authority who has approved of this hike has considered the income inequality behind this step. They have striven towards a more balanced society where wealth inequality should not pose to be a grave problem.



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