Donald Trump Refuses Take Back His Comments After NBC Firing

There have been numerous response regarding Donald Trump in the past few days and it all has to with something that he said when announcing his 2016 presidential campaign.  When announcing his candidature for 2016, Trump made some derogatory comments that were aimed at the Mexican immigrant. Following his remarks, many people including various companies and organizations have called for Donald Trump to take back his words and then apologize. In fact NBC has just announced that they have cut ties with Trump business wise following his remarks. He is the statement that NBC Universal released after Trump made those comments. 

“Given the recent derogatory comments that were made by Donald Trump regarding Mexican immigrants, NBC Universal from now on will stop any business related activities with Donald Trump.” It went on further to state that, “We at NBC Universal highly respect all people regardless of their state and these are just some of our main values.”

Despite all that, Trump has indicated that he will not be taking back his words, in fact he believes that his comments were very correct. After the firing by NBC, Trump, who has now officially launched his 2016 presidential campaign, was having a press conference and this is where he stated that even though NB Universal doesn’t agree with him he still stands by his remarks regarding Mexican immigrants. 

Let us know below in the comment section what you really feel about the issue surrounding Donald Trump. Was NBC Universal right when firing Trump and was Trump in line with the comments he made?


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