Lewis Black’s Rants are Hilarious

Lewis Black is a stand-up comedian, who is also an author and a known social critic. His hilarious rants made him gain followers across the United States and even outside the country.

Last year, Black made an appearance on CNN and it seemed like viewers went crazy over the words he had to say live on TV. This, by far, remains one of Lewis Black’s most hilarious rants.

Lewis Black expressed his feelings about the Confederate flag and its supporters on CNN. He did it in such a way that was so hilarious, it almost made the audience fall from their seats. CNN even had to control his microphone so some of his words could not be heard. The production staff and the hosts were caught by surprise when he regarded the topic as "tough titties". 

The hosts had a hard time talking over Black's words. Chris Cuomo obviously was uncomfortable as Black went on with his hilarious rant. He even had to think of a way to cover up the comedian's offensive words. Chris was left with no choice but to just pretend that the guest meant something else when he talked about ‘breast analogy’.

Earlier this year, Lewis Black was asked to say something favourable about teachers. Lewis' response actually surprised the audience. He ranted about people who could not afford to understand the sacrifices that teachers have to make. He pointed out that teachers had to spend more than 8 hours in school to finish their tasks, which not everyone can do.

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