Amy Schumer on comedy and other topics

Probably a lot of you have heard about this talented, young lady. Amy Schumer is one of the most popular young comedians at the moment, and if you saw her sketch series called “Inside Amy Schumer” than you would probably know how entertaining and funny she actually is.

Her show recently won an award, Peabody Award which shows us how popular this young woman is.
For those of you who love her acting and jokes, we have good news for you, in July she’s got a film coming out.
Although she has a lot of fans all around the world, there are some people who are trying to diminish her career and intelligence saying that she is not so smart or funny when it comes to other topics such as race like she is when it comes to beauty standards and feminism.
Amy tried to defend her humor and herself by saying that she is not a racist and that and that she is only a feminist who loves all people.
She probably tried to give a respond to a column wrote by Monica Heisey in the “Guardian” where she wrote that Amy’s comedy is entertaining and smart, but still fails when it comes to racism.

Monica wrote that Amy has no larger point or tactics when she talks about racism, which is why she pointed out that she doesn't find her interesting when she talks about that subject.
Heisey was probably thinking about a monologue Schumer had when she talked about the movie Gone Girl where she mentioned Latina women.
Even though some people see her as a racist, we still think that Amy didn’t mean to offend or hurt anyone.



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